I design & develop mobile websites & APPs. Working with mobile platforms shows new ways in building web user interfaces. Great mobile Apps are user cantered and following best usability practices.
Looking for that WOW factor? Well great business opportunities start with great design. My professional portfolio includes number of projects from both worlds offline (print) & online (web design). I enjoy working in fantastic tool like Photoshop or Illustrator. But also aside artistic flavour I am always taking on the account practical aspects. I design websites that give high SEO rankings that are considering user experience & are answering the business needs. There were projects that I had opportunity to increase conversions even by 50% by design & usability improvements.
I have been privileged to work with many online technologies & platforms. I have worked with Open Source & Premium types of CMS systems, many front-end frameworks. My coding skills are sitting within CSS/PHP/SQL/HTML5/JS.
Experience working with data-driven projects, leading usability research or simply applying usability standards & knowledge base gave me unique opportunity to gain great insight into user behaviours. I found taking simple remote or hands-on usability testing, or running A-B testing helps to understand user needs and preferences. Whatever it might be, a website, landing page or a mobile app, understanding the target audience holds the key to successful product. As Google manual claims relevancy matters. But not only in terms of content but also time during a user journey brings satisfaction and lights up a company on multiple levels going beyond usability factors.

Information Architect, Coder, Data Analyst, Researcher, Interaction Designer

UX Designer